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Happy Belated Brithday to my number one <3

It was  Yamapi's birthday yesterday (I know it's late :( but LJ was so bitchy with me yesterday idk why?)so I work a lot in this (please don't steal it and credit me if you post it anywhere + thanks  for those pics; credits in the end)because I really love & admire him !! I know him just since Summer 2009; it's not a long time, but I was a fan since I saw him for the first time in Nobuta wo Produce. I tried to catch up my late with seeing all stuff related about him, buying magazines, albums and of course watching his dramas lol. Hope he had an amazing day. For him for my number one's 25th birthday !!! 

Happy Belated Birthday ...

Yamashita Tomohisa ...

If you were to say one thing about “spring” as to what season it is? 
"My Birthday..."Yamashita Tomohisa

Is so Kawaii, Chibi love&now still ...

"I'm such a sunny guy..."
Yamashita Tomohisa

Is our Hottie...

“I don't want to go back in time; I don't regret anything in life...”
Yamashita Tomohisa

“Honestly when we first went out drinking, I kept saying "I love your face".”
Lily Franky

"I can understand what Lily was saying, in my heart I love Yamapi too ."
Katori Shingo

Is our Shouting Star...

   "When I'm worrying about something, I try to change gears and think positive...."Yamashita Tomohisa

"No matter what happens, Yamashita always pushes himself to the limit to accomplish his goal, and he would never give up halfway through. To be able to finish things well, to show results, this is the type of man that I trust when I work with him."Ikuta Toma

"His skin is so beautiful! It's so smooth!It's like a baby's"

Toda Erika

Is an amazing Actor... 

"When he watches my dramas, he always mails me after-thoughts. Awhile ago, when Toma advertised Kurosaki in his own Johnny's web, my manager sent me his entry, and I was very happy. Toma is definitely a strong person for taking an interest in everything that I consider to be important..." Yamashita Tomohisa

Is a talented Singer&Dancer...

" He's our junior, but he really doesn't seem like that. As an actor and right as a singer as well. I feel like we should watch Yamashita and learn things from him as well. You really moved me, you worked so hard..."
- Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

And is so loved...
" Because he starts and finishes so I can trust him. Because we've been together for so long, we don't even realize our one year age difference..."
Ikuta Toma

"We'll be nothing without Yamapi."
 Koyama Keichiro

"I want to always be with Pi, because when I am with him, even a normal day would become interesting, Pi as a pillar of NEWS is just a kid in front of me. Good friends? This description is not enough, I think I like him, although it feels gross when I say it out, About the confession I made in front of the blue sea, I believe that it won’t change even as we go back to Tokyo, I strongly believe"
- Akanishi Jin


▌Picspam by missml
▌Magazines's pictures by inala & 
▌Drama captures by missml
▌Quotes of Akanishi & Toma & Yamapi by 
musicluver & lovableyingfa  & seventeen_0409
▌Quotes using videos of  newshfan
▌If you like what you see  Join the community

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+Don't post my arts anywhere !!
+don't steal/modify my works 

e n j o y !

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